Special Report: Ellen DeGeneres Fired from The Ellen Show & Facing Lawsuit from Sponsors-For Showing Women How To Look Younger! -- Facebook Visitors - Get Your Sample Below!

She's leaving the Ellen Show?? No!! You can do both!
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Wow I can't believe Ellen's leaving. She's one of those people you expect to be on TV you can always turn on the TV and be able to find her. Nice of her to give out these free samples though, just ordered mine to check it out
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I know some people are mad at Ellen for deciding to leave, but you can't be on TV for so long without wanting to try something else after a while. I like that what she's doing has the goal of helping other women, and giving away these trials is a nice gesture to start out. Go Ellen!
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I just claimed my samples. Thanks Ellen!
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Ellen's story about fighting with the network is sad, but she came out on top and I think now she wants to show other women how they can too. That's really an uplifting story if you think about it
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I don't see what all the fuss is about honestly...I always thought Ellen was overrated...don't kill me lol
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Sad to see Ellen go, but I just got my free samples in the mail the other day and I love what I'm seeing so far. So thank you Ellen and good luck!
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Very interesting what led Ellen to this point...these products must be pretty good (ordered my trials but they arent here yet) if they made that much difference for her. I hope she finds what she's really looking for by leaving!
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